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Before making a diamond purchase one must know the 4 C's first; carat weight, diamond clarity, diamond color and diamond cut (not shape). Other advanced characteristics of diamonds include diamond fluorescence and diamond enhancements. By understanding what all the diamond characteristics are and what to ask when purchasing a diamond, you are much more empowered when it comes time to make your diamond investment.

When purchasing diamonds either for your engagement ring, diamond stud earrings, tennis bracelets or other jewelry, make sure the diamonds you select best suit that type of jewelry application. Visit our engagement rings section to see some of the most popular ring setting designs. Some diamond qualities are best suited for engagement rings while others are best suited for diamond stud earrings.


Diamond Certificates are invaluable documents that show in detail a diamond's credentials. They provide a unique fingerprint of a diamond which is a source of vital information to the trained gemologist, jewelry or consumer.


A certificate enables you to buy your diamond with confidence.


A diamond certificate, however, is only useful if it is reliable and has been issued by a reputable independent laboratory which has no financial interest in the stone.


If you've never heard of the institution that is offering a grading report, don't hesitate to ask about its credentials.


The two largest, and most reputable independent laboratories worldwide are: GIA or HRD & EGL report.


Don't, however, expect the grades from an unknown laboratory to be the same as a GIA or an HRD & EGL report. Not all laboratories are as strict. In fact, some laboratories are popular with certain retailers because they have a reputation of being generous with grades


One important thing to remember is that a grading report does not include an appraisal, or any kind of statement about the monetary value of the diamond.


A Diamond Certificate, from a recognized Gem Trade Laboratory, is a unique fingerprint of a diamond. It not only identifies the diamond but also provides important information which helps both consumers and jewelers alike.
  There are many characteristics that control a diamond's appearance and durability. Four important factors are often lumped together and called the Four Cs: diamond color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Each of those topics is important on its own, but it's up to you to combine them in different ways to find a diamond that suits your style, your needs and your budget.
A diamond's color can be natural or it can be altered by treatments. Diamond color can be affected by fluorescence--a characteristic that makes diamonds shift color in different lights. There are several topics to explore to begin understanding diamond color.
Carat weight affects a diamond's appearance and its price, making it a characteristic you should definitely understand before you buy a diamond.
Did you know that a diamond's cut does not refer to its shape? When gemologists say "cut," they are talking about a gemstone's proportions--its depth and width and the uniformity of its facets--all characteristics that control brilliance, durability and other qualities we look for in a diamond.



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